Ripped off by Creative Touch Communications-Melbourne FL

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Do not make the mistake that I did of trusting Amateurs like Creative Touch Communications in Melbourne, FL. They are unprofessional, untrustworthy, and will rip you off big time. I went on google to search for a local business that offers web sites design. Creative Touch Communications was one of the companies that popped up. After looking at their website I was rather impressed.

I contacted them about the web site design service that they offer and was quoted a fairly reasonable price. They told me that before they can do anything they would need to get a deposit of half the cost for their protection. So I paid the deposit and got no service! I should have known something was fishy when they wanted an upfront payment over the phone.

Business Name/Address:

Creative Touch Communications

3682 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL

Phone: 321-610-7014

The owner of the company is Marc Daly



I would love to know, who you called because i am the owner and i have no recollection of any money coming into my bank account involving you nor any of your accusations coming to me. You are defaming my company and if you have any proof, our information is there.

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